Robert Anthony Playwright
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The Silent Hand

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 5

Full Synopsis

A southern housewife does battle with a hostile husband while caring for her mentally unstable younger sister who has recently become part of the household and is living in the attic. The husband is violently opposed to this arrangement. Relying on support from the couple next door the wife stands her ground until the younger sister takes matters into her own hands.

Cast of Characters

RITA DAYBERRY Southern housewife, 30-40; has sweet and gentle nature; church member; has troubled marriage.
RALPH DAYBERRY Rita's husband, about 40; low self-esteem; verbally abusive; unemployed; dislikes Bertha; drinks too much.
BERTHA Rita's younger sister, in her twenties; mentally challenged; quiet and reclusive; afraid of Ralph.
LOUISE Rita's neighbor, 30-40; a good friend; concerned for Rita's welfare; has stable marriage.
FRANK Ralph's friend and neighbor, 35-40; wants to help Ralph through his troubles.