Robert Anthony Playwright
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Short Stay

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 4

Full Synopsis

A young couple are spending vacation time in South Carolina in the house of a friend, who is away visiting his wife in Florida, where they are planning to move. All is fine until they are surprised by the unexpected return of the Florida couple. It soon becomes obvious that they have marital problems. A series of mysterious doorbell rings adds a chill to the atmosphere, and as the wife continues to pack items for the move she discovers further evidence of her husband's feelings.

Cast of Characters

BEN BREWSTER Writer/actor, 30-40; energetic; playful; loves his girlfriend.
MARSHA Ben's girlfriend, 25-35; attractive psychologist; studious; serious-minded.
FRANK DUNLAP Ben's friend and neighbor, 60-70; retired salesman; somewhat crude.
LOUISE Frank's wife, 50-60; librarian; has difficult marriage.