Robert Anthony Playwright
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The Philosophers

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 4

Full Synopsis

Two longtime friends, Sammy and Ernie, meet almost daily in the park to read, sometimes questioning the meaning of it all. They are bothered by changes in the neighborhood and are disenchanted by the new technologies of the day. They have not seen their friend, Abie, the pickle salesman, since he lost his store. To their surprise, Abie suddenly appears and is now peddling pickles on the street. Sammy and Ernie are pleased to see him and he goes on his way. Abie\'s daughter, Sarah, appears, frantically searching for her father. She tells them he is not well and should be home in bed. Sammy and Ernie help in the search, only to return and find Abie leafing through a book. Since he is now living with Sarah, she takes him home with her. Seeing Abie again is a further reminder to Sammy and Ernie that things are not like they used to be.

Cast of Characters

SAMMY Retired Merchant
ERNIE Sammy\'s Friend
ABIE Pickle Salesman
SARAH Abie\'s Daughter