Robert Anthony Playwright
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Under the Boardwalk

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 3

Full Synopsis

A homeless couple, Rags and Rosie, befriend Other Man, a lonely and troubled beachgoer. Although they denounce each other, the homeless couple have a strong bond. Rags is given to ranting and raving but Other Man encourages him to continue as he slowly begins to realize that he can no longer cope with the life he is living.

Cast of Characters

RAGS Homeless man, 30-50; weather-beaten; scruffy and unshaven; a philosopher; cynical; angry; has relationship with Rosie.
ROSIE Younger than Rags; also homeless; collects cans and bottles; critical of Rags but cares for him.
OTHER MAN Also younger than Rags; unhappy; unmarried; lonely; finds Rags interesting.