Robert Anthony Playwright
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As the Crow Flies

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 5

Full Synopsis

A birder, hoping to find and photograph a rare woodpecker, encounters a flute-playing stranger wandering in the woods. The bird is eventually spotted but before it can be photographed it is killed by a local hunter. The broken-hearted birder recovers the dead bird and says goodbye. The hunter arrives on the scene to defend his kill to the flutist, a resident at a nearby sanitarium.

Cast of Characters

BIRDER Biology teacher, 20-30; adventurous; curious; avid bird watcher.
FLUTIST Confined mental patient, 30-40; respected musician in previous years; dressed in formal wear; often escapes and wanders the grounds.
HUNTER Local resident, 30-50; land owner; shoots anyting just for the thrill of it.
ATTENDANT 1 Hospital worker, 20-40; wears institutional garb.
ATTENDANT 2 Same as Attendant 1.