Robert Anthony Playwright
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The Crossing

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 7

Full Synopsis

During a brief hospital stay an old man travels back in time as he crosses the stage. From the reality of the hospital he visits his wife and sweetheart as they said goodbye, and then his mother as a young woman. From the mother he crosses back to visit the sweeheart and the wife as they were when they first met and enjoyed time together. Then it's back to the reality of the hospital and the voices of the subconscious.

Cast of Characters

OLD MAN Hospital patient, 65-75; in a lot of pain; begins thinking about the past.
NURSE Hospital worker, 20-30; a bit callous but efficient.
DOCTOR Staff surgeon, 30-50; capable, confident, all business.
WIFE Patient's wife from an early marriage, in her thirties; attractive; dark hair; very loving.
SWEETHEART Attractive teenager; naïve; sweet and gentle, very much in love.
MOTHER Beautiful woman, 20-30; concerned, curious, loving.
FIGURE(S) IN BLACK Voice of the subconscious.