Robert Anthony Playwright
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The Deepening Sorrow of Walter Moody

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 9

Full Synopsis

Walter Moody, on a visit from New York City, has been spending time in his hometown in the South. He often joins his brother and his brother's friends for breakfast at a coffee shop in a neighboring town. Walter enjoys these gatherings, listening to the group as they joke and laugh and eat their eggs and grits. The play is concerned with the death of the beloved cat he brought down from the city and the unusual cycle of grief that engulfs Walter, as observed by his brother and his brother's friends.

Cast of Characters

JOHN MOODY Retired factory worker; enjoys his leisure; regular member of the breakfast gathering.
WALTER MOODY John's older brother; recently returned from New York City; new member of breakfast gang.
NOLEEN Jolly, upbeat lady; somewhat overweight; likes to laugh.
DAN Noreen's husband; likes being part of the group; has mobility problems.
STRETCH Large bearded man; slow-talking; enjoys the company of Noleen.
BILL John's retired co-worker; likes attention; makes wisecracks; fussy.
PEANUT Part-time trucker; longtime friend of Noleen and Dan; dislikes Stretch.
LUCY The lone waitress; attractive; extremely efficient; well liked.
KOJAK A black man; loveable misfit; oddball behavior; wears badge given to him by the police department; speaks in short incomplete blurts; issues imaginary tickets.