Robert Anthony Playwright
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Backdoor to Heaven

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 4

Full Synopsis

A highly respected evangelical preacher with a successful TV program pays regular visits to a black prostitute while trying to keep the peace with his wife. Deeply ashamed of his sins he prays for God to help him. Jesus Christ appears at his side and tells him they will need to spend a lot of time together. When newspaper articles reveal the preacher's hidden sex life, in a final sermon he begs his congregation to forgive him and then commits suicide.

Cast of Characters

Danny Bright Evangelical Southern Baptist minister, about 40; electrifying personality; has successful television program; unfaithful to his wife.
Mary Bright Danny's wife, in her thirties; attractive; has shared in his rise to celebrity status; unaware of his sexual escapades.
Monica Seductive black prostitute, 20-30; not a streetwalker.
Jesus Christ Himself.