Robert Anthony Playwright
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A Day at the Fair

A One-Act Play with a Cast of 5

Full Synopsis

Two southern sisters, both spinsters, have lived together all their lives. While competing for the attention of a bachelor neighbor they learn that their younger sister has been charmed by the same man, much to the distress of her drunken, unemployed husband.

Cast of Characters

LULA BELLE BROOMFIELD Southern spinster in her fifties; somewhat lazy and overweight; likes to drink and daydream.
CHARLOTTE BROOMFIELD Lula Belle's sister, also in her fifties; energetic and upbeat; subservient to Lula Belle.
CRYSTAL Their younger sister, in her thirties; attractive, but unhappy; has troubled marriage.
BOB EARL Crystal's husband, in his forties; unemployed; heavy drinker; fears losing his wife.
J. HENRY Local bachelor, in his sixties; bit of a dandy; charming manners; proud of the little he has.