Robert Anthony Playwright
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One-Act Plays


A lifesize roach helps a tenant plot against a demanding landlady.

Savage Hearts

Two circus workers quit to start their own freak show.

A Sense of Loss

A son returns to his home in the South to care for his elderly mother.

Short Stay

A young couple vacationing in a friend's house are surprised by their unexpected return.

The Silent Hand

A Southern housewife does battle with an abusive husband while defending her mentally unstable younger sister.

The Sounding

One of three roommates is hearing screams that the others don't hear.


A married couple becomes increasingly impatient when a priest fails to show up and take away a large stack of boxes they are donating to the needy.

Summer Dust

A man spends time in his small hometown in the South but old memories and personal demons drive him back to the big city.

A Trip to the Orient

Two teenage daughters question the relationship of their parents.

Uncle Dirty and the Seven Pollutants

Seven unruly kids have been deposited by their parents with Uncle Dirty until they learn how to behave.