Robert Anthony Playwright
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One-Act Plays

The Love Detectives

A man hires two detectives to investigate his marriage.

Love Thy Neighbor

A retired mill worker doesn't approve of his wife's visits to a recently widowed neighbor.

The Man Who Slept Under the Bed

A writer is surprised to learn that his best friend is a latent homosexual.

Never Alone

An absurd look at lost love.

The Office Boy

A naïve young man becomes a victim of his lecherous employer.

The Philosophers

Sammy and Ernie, no longer in business, spend a lot of time in the park, reading and comiserating over the changes in the neighborhood. But when Abie the pickle salesman pays them a visit, their view gets a whole new perspective.

Pleasing Al

A serious accident causes an old man to feel betrayed by his friends.

The Rat Hole

A sweet young waitress moves in with three lowlifes who live above the restaurant where she works.

The Rehearsal

An old man intrudes on a play rehearsal.

The Right Neighborhood

A farcical look at two very different families in the same neighborhood.