Robert Anthony Playwright
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One-Act Plays

Distant Places

A disturbed young man insists on being friends with an older man he just met.

The Empty Room

A visit to an old friend turns tragic when the theater he is managing burns down.

Father's Day

Two brothers experience separately the ghost of their deceased father.

The Fisherman's Wife

The unhappy wife of a destitute shrimp fisherman looks for a way out.

The Frozen Child

A young man, stuck in the past, fails to grow up.

Happy Hour

Three lowlife characters share living quarters.


Two bums are puzzled by the sight of another bum.

It's All in the Punch

An eccentric group of royal misfits meet in an old castle.

The Last Days

Park officials pester two elderly men until they finally get revenge.

The Losers

Two gambling buddies part company when a third party interferes.