Robert Anthony Playwright
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One-Act Plays

As the Crow Flies

A birder travels to locate a rare bird only to see it killed by a local hunter.

Backdoor to Heaven

A highly successful evangelist is caught in a sex scandal.

Blind Date

An old man agrees to meet a woman he does not know.

Bottoms Up

Two alcoholic bums face another day.


Items on a bulletin board are significant enough to destroy a loving relationship.

The Comfort Zone

A dimwitted derelict is envious of his friend's room and seeks advice on how to make his room more comfortable.

The Crossing

An old man travels back in time from his hospital bed.

A Day at the Fair

Three Southern sisters look at love from their perches on the front porch.

Day Old Bread

Two longtime friends meet daily in the park to reminisce about the past.

The Deepening Sorrow of Walter Moody

Friends observe a man's various levels of grief caused by the death of a beloved cat.

Distant Places

A disturbed young man insists on being friends with an older man he just met.

The Empty Room

A visit to an old friend turns tragic when the theater he is managing burns down.

Father's Day

Two brothers experience separately the ghost of their deceased father.

The Fisherman's Wife

The unhappy wife of a destitute shrimp fisherman looks for a way out.

The Frozen Child

A young man, stuck in the past, fails to grow up.

Happy Hour

Three lowlife characters share living quarters.


Two bums are puzzled by the sight of another bum.

It's All in the Punch

An eccentric group of royal misfits meet in an old castle.

The Last Days

Park officials pester two elderly men until they finally get revenge.

The Losers

Two gambling buddies part company when a third party interferes.

The Love Detectives

A man hires two detectives to investigate his marriage.

Love Thy Neighbor

A retired mill worker doesn't approve of his wife's visits to a recently widowed neighbor.

The Man Who Slept Under the Bed

A writer is surprised to learn that his best friend is a latent homosexual.

Never Alone

An absurd look at lost love.

The Office Boy

A naïve young man becomes a victim of his lecherous employer.

The Philosophers

Sammy and Ernie, no longer in business, spend a lot of time in the park, reading and comiserating over the changes in the neighborhood. But when Abie the pickle salesman pays them a visit, their view gets a whole new perspective.

Pleasing Al

A serious accident causes an old man to feel betrayed by his friends.

The Rat Hole

A sweet young waitress moves in with three lowlifes who live above the restaurant where she works.

The Rehearsal

An old man intrudes on a play rehearsal.

The Right Neighborhood

A farcical look at two very different families in the same neighborhood.


A lifesize roach helps a tenant plot against a demanding landlady.

Savage Hearts

Two circus workers quit to start their own freak show.

A Sense of Loss

A son returns to his home in the South to care for his elderly mother.

Short Stay

A young couple vacationing in a friend's house are surprised by their unexpected return.

The Silent Hand

A Southern housewife does battle with an abusive husband while defending her mentally unstable younger sister.

The Sounding

One of three roommates is hearing screams that the others don't hear.


A married couple becomes increasingly impatient when a priest fails to show up and take away a large stack of boxes they are donating to the needy.

Summer Dust

A man spends time in his small hometown in the South but old memories and personal demons drive him back to the big city.

A Trip to the Orient

Two teenage daughters question the relationship of their parents.

Uncle Dirty and the Seven Pollutants

Seven unruly kids have been deposited by their parents with Uncle Dirty until they learn how to behave.

Under the Boardwalk

A homeless couple befriend a beachgoer only to discover that he is quite insecure.


A receptionist in a mental hospital imagines she is having an affair with one of the doctors.

Where's the Soup

Two bums have a pot but no ingredients until a third bum comes to the rescue.