Robert Anthony Playwright
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One-Act Plays

As the Crow Flies

A birder travels to locate a rare bird only to see it killed by a local hunter.

Backdoor to Heaven

A highly successful evangelist is caught in a sex scandal.

Blind Date

An old man agrees to meet a woman he does not know.

Bottoms Up

Two alcoholic bums face another day.


Items on a bulletin board are significant enough to destroy a loving relationship.

The Comfort Zone

A dimwitted derelict is envious of his friend's room and seeks advice on how to make his room more comfortable.

The Crossing

An old man travels back in time from his hospital bed.

A Day at the Fair

Three Southern sisters look at love from their perches on the front porch.

Day Old Bread

Two longtime friends meet daily in the park to reminisce about the past.

The Deepening Sorrow of Walter Moody

Friends observe a man's various levels of grief caused by the death of a beloved cat.