Robert Anthony Playwright
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The Unheld

A Full-Length Play Consisting of 2 Acts with a Cast of 6

Full Synopsis

Joy Silverman and Rob Carpenter, longtime sweethearts, are spending a few days with Joy's elderly mother, Frannie, to help clean up the apartment and do some shopping for her.The uneasy relationship between Frannie and her daughter is complicated further when Frannie says she has been visited by Rob's mother, a highly unlikely event. Rob attempts to bring them closer together and as the play progresses Joy and Rob are have visitors from the spirit world. Both are somewhat saddened by the fact that they never married and had a family life. Following an emotional drinking session, unusual for Joy, the two of them fall asleep and are swept away by their ghostly visitors.

Cast of Characters for The Unheld

FRANNIE SILVERMAN Petite elderly woman, 70-80; lonely; has troubled relationship with daughter; also appears as an apparition.
NATHAN SILVERMAN Frannie's departed husband; in his fifties; mournful and selfish apparition; has many regrets.
JOY SILVERMAN Frannie's daughter, in her fifties; part-time nurse; maintains longtime relationship with boyfriend Rob; prone to melancholy.
ROB CARPENTER Joy's boyfriend, in his fifties; itinerant writer; loves Joy but spends time away from her.
IRENE CARPENTER Rob's departed mother; southern woman, 70-80; sweet and thoughtful apparition; reevaluates her years among the living.
WILL CARPENTER Rob's departed father, 60-70; southern mill worker; kind and loving apparition; worked hard all his life.