Robert Anthony Playwright
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Full-Length Plays


Set in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2000, this is the story of four unlikely male roommates who live together in a volatile environment as they attempt to sort out lives that are caught in an unrelenting cycle of drinking, gambling, mistrust, and hostility. Full Synopsis »

Hand To Mouth

Set in the backwoods of the deep South, this is the story of a dysfunctional family that lives in the grinding grip of abject poverty. Of the three children, all teenagers, one is severely deformed but is not unloved and appears to have literary ability. It is the fate of this deformed child that finally brings about a sense of cohesion within the family.Full Synopsis »

The Healing Room

Set in a small southern town and New York City, this play is about two women, both with health problems, who travel to New York City to seek help from a so-called healer they have read about. The journey proves pointless, but in the meantime a local oddball may have a remedy for what ails them.Full Synopsis »

Sam's Table

Set in Greenwich Village, New York City, this play is about the relationships and behavior of various members of a senior citizens center, where they gather daily for lunch, social contact, and a few laughs. The play revolves around Sam, a retired university professor afflicted with alzheimer's disease. As the play progresses it explores the immeasurable depths of the human heart and ultimately the basic realities of coping with the aging process.Full Synopsis »

The Unheld

A mother, her daughter, and boyfriend are visited by apparitions.Full Synopsis »

You Can't Shout In A Small Room

Set in the South, this is the story of a disabled man who strives to maintain his dignity and a sense of independence while being cared for by longtime friends and live-in drifters. These arrangements result in a constant state of domestic chaos that spirals out of control to a tragic end. Full Synopsis »